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Poem i

So many men fighting for justice

So many women,

Fighting for peace

Have I imagined them all along?

Look at these women,

Demanding equality

Look at these men striving for freedom

Why is my child bereft of their presence?


All around us, humanity sings its sweet melody

Boy here is helping his brother

Girl there dances under the cherry tree

But the radio isn't tuned-in to their frequency

Where has belief fled to?

It left mediocrity in its stead

The passion our souls bred,

Through synthetic pores


Can you keep a genii in a sieve,

Blame and not forgive?

Sullied water we rinse in

No detergent can evince

As the drinker said to the prince:

I do it to forget

That I do it

Stifled is our battle-cry

By a commercial's lullaby

We must learn to forgive ourselves, for our alcoholic lives

Guilt shame and self-pity give way

Enter self-respect, awareness and awe

Revel in your own existence, rekindle that spark in your eyes!

Oh how beautiful you are, blemished being of light!

Fear not the slope to the mundaner

You are not mundane! Climb higher,

Descending is always harder on the knees


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