Usually related to education, philosophy or society, I write these to give form to some of things I grapple with. If they can spur on debate and reflection so much the better.


On Danis Tanovics’ “No Man’s Land”

A stunning film about the Serbian war, shot almost as a documentary. A dark comedy brilliantly acted out. The story line is simple; two soldiers from the opposite camps find themselves stuck in a trench in no man's land. They cannot move anywhere as the fields surrounding them are mined. They manage to get noticed and both camps respectively call the UN for assistance in the matter (there is an excellent scene in which both soldiers jump frantically along the trench in boxers, each brandishing a white shirt). Other than being entertaining, this war satire depicts with emotion the issues that the UN faces in pacification processes across the world. The many restraints in UN policies and use o

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