Usually related to education, philosophy or society, I write these to give form to some of things I grapple with. If they can spur on debate and reflection so much the better.


Horse Shit

Horse meat has grabbed much of the media's attention recently, to the dismay and outrage of its innocent consumers. How on earth, everyone is asking, could such big, respectable companies allow horse meat into Tesco burgers? Letting Tesco (or the latest offender Iceland) get away with it is almost as bad as letting bailed-out banks dish out million-pound bonuses for Christmas. Isn't it? Perhaps not. A scandal is one thing. Letting a scandal take over and monopolise the front-page news for weeks on end is quite another. Perhaps it's simply a trend to get one shocking, attention-grabbing story and stick with it until the next one comes along. If it sells, why not? Of course, it's only a short

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