Usually related to education, philosophy or society, I write these to give form to some of things I grapple with. If they can spur on debate and reflection so much the better.


Technology vs Its Absence

Today's Enquiry Time (see here for description) was particularly heated. The staff announced that following many meetings and hours of discussion, it was decided that students wouldn't be allowed to bring their PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones to Brockwood next year. It was felt that many students were mismanaging their usage of such devices, and rather than attempt to police it, simply leaving them at home would prove to be a much better solution. PCs will be made widely available in the school for work-purposes. The students' response was bound to be challenging. I still remember my uproar when my father told me at the age of 17 that I was henceforth banned from playing "violent" vide

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