Usually related to education, philosophy or society, I write these to give form to some of things I grapple with. If they can spur on debate and reflection so much the better.


Notes From a Smaller School

What would a school inspired by the teachings of Krishnamurti look like, if there were absolutely no strings attached? That's the question I've been moved to ask myself having spent a week in Shibumi, a small alternative school in the south of Bangalore. Set up in 2008 by a group of friends who'd been meeting for dialogues on a regular basis over 5 years, until one day they asked themselves 'what if we started up our own school?' Shibumi is the result. Shibumi - which means 'effortless perfection' in Japanese - refers to a simplicity of spirit, an attitude of refinement without pretension, honesty without apology, beauty without artifice. Inspiring ideas for any school. But that's not what s

Notes From a Small School

I'm not quite a teacher - far from it - and yet I've got classes to give, and students awaiting some form of instruction or at the very least, advice. Having spent a year as a Mature Student at Brockwood Park I then signed up for their new teacher training program which has given me some sort of idea of what education is about, or could be about. These first few months have been a struggle as it is not only new to me, but to some extent to the students too seeing as we're in the process of implementing and developing a new curriculum at Brockwood, focused around breaking down barriers between 'subjects' and avoiding spoon-feeding students in order for them to learn how to learn if that make

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